How to convert int to float in python?

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Does anyone know how to convert int to float.

For some reason, it keeps on printing 0. I want it to print a specific decimal.

sum = 144
women_onboard = 314
proportion_womenclass3_survived = sum / np.size(women_onboard)
print 'Proportion of women in class3 who survived is %s' % proportion_womenclass3_survived
2015-11-26 17:18
by Mr_Shoryuken


Other than John's answer, you could also make one of the variable float, and the result will yield float.

>>> 144 / 314.0
2015-11-26 17:25
by Santosh Kumar
I prefer to not do this only because it makes you have to change input that could come from a database or somewhere else (by adding .0 to the number). Which is why I like to make the default behavior do what I want it to do :) but regardless were all on here for rep so +1 from me : - John Ruddell 2015-11-26 17:27


To convert an integer to a float in Python you can use the following:

float_version = float(int_version)

The reason you are getting 0 is that Python 2 returns an integer if the mathematical operation (here a division) is between two integers. So while the division of 144 by 314 is 0.45~~~, Python converts this to integer and returns just the 0 by eliminating all numbers after the decimal point.

Alternatively you can convert one of the numbers in any operation to a float since an operation between a float and an integer would return a float. In your case you could write float(144)/314 or 144/float(314). Another, less generic code, is to say 144.0/314. Here 144.0 is a float so it’s the same thing.

2015-11-26 17:29
by Y2H


In Python 3 this is the default behavior, but if you aren't using that you can import division like so:

>>> from __future__ import division
>>> 144/314

Alternatively you can cast one of the variables to a float when doing your division which will do the same thing

sum = 144
women_onboard = 314
proportion_womenclass3_survived = sum / float(np.size(women_onboard))
2015-11-26 17:20
by John Ruddell
Thank you sooooooo much it worked !!! : - Mr_Shoryuken 2015-11-26 17:24
@Mr_Shoryuken yep! glad I could help. When you are able to if you can mark the answer as accepted so that this question can be resolved I'd appreciate it! : - John Ruddell 2015-11-26 17:24


You can just multiply 1.0

>>> 1.0*144/314
2015-11-26 19:47
by Sourabh Dattawad
Thank you it work - Mr_Shoryuken 2015-11-28 18:09