GTK 3 transparent label with text placed over image

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i need to create GTK GUI with image and transparent label (darker) that is placed over the image. The first problem is overlapping. I tried Gtk::Table and Gtk::Fixed container but it behaves strangely. The second problem is transparency. I would like to use CSS styles or transparent background image. Is there anybody who can help me posting some sources or examples? Thanks

2012-04-04 19:40
by Tom


You could subclass GtkWidget, or GtkDrawingArea since I think it will be faster than the altenatives. But you could use GtkOverlay, plus GtkImage and GtkLabel to acomplish what you're looking for. gtk3-demo app that comes with Gtk+-3.0 give some examples of how to use GtkOverlay.

2012-04-05 13:39
by erick2red


Maybe you could give a look to clutter-gtk ? You can do nice things with it.

2012-04-06 09:13
by liberforce