Exposing an endpoint as a sub of another endpoint?

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I have a WCF service, DummyService. It implements IDummyService and lives on two URIs, and I would like to create a routing endpoint such that;

  1. I can hit and/or
  2. This uri appears to just be the dummyservice endpoint, i can build a client proxy, etc.
  3. Any calls get round-robined around

Is there some way to do this without having IRoutingService re-implement DummyService? I want dummyservice to essentially be a plug-in that I can add/remove at runtime.. Can I do this with WCF Routing? Any samples I can reference? I havent been able to find anything on MSDN/Google, but perhaps im asking the wrong way..

2012-04-04 18:38
by XeroxDucati


This is pretty much exactly what WCF Routing is for.

There is a sample which is part of the WCF/WF samples (info here):


2012-04-05 07:38
by tom redfern
I looked at this, but im not clear how this would handle relaying? Really what Im after is to create a route under my service that literally impersonates the backing server.. In azure this is a relay binding, but without azure, no idea. - XeroxDucati 2012-04-05 13:48