Font family automatically changes to "undefined,sans-serif!important" in Chrome

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Recently, when I am using google chrome's developer tools, the default font-family is automatically being changed to "undefined, sans-serif" with the "!important" tag attached. So unless I add an inline style using the "!important" tag, it ignores my font family style rules. Has anyone experienced this?

I've provided a screenshot via the URL below and the URL to the actual HTML page. The reason the code is so messy is because I'm designing this to be sent through Outlook 2007 (if you know what that's all about).



2012-04-04 18:04
by blizzrdof77
You seem to be using the font tag, which is deprecated in HTML 4 and obsolete in HTML 5 - Matthew Caruana Galizia 2012-04-04 18:46
The font tag is obsolete, but their are instances when it is useful in trying to get outlook to render correctly. Removing the font tags was not a fix for this issue - blizzrdof77 2012-04-05 19:49
@Matt He/She hasn't specified a doctype - Anish Gupta 2012-04-05 19:50


I discovered that I had a font style extension installed that I didn't know about. After I uninstalled that, problem solved!

2012-04-05 19:47
by blizzrdof77


It has been crossed out, which means it has been overwritten by something else.

2012-04-04 18:31
by Anish Gupta